I-Cost is your smart way to control the cost and scope of every build.

How? By running all your design and construction tasks through one online platform. So you spend less time managing projects but still deliver on schedule, with a high quality finish.

Our build management software coordinates everything. From preparing estimations and quotations to comparing supplier quotes, sharing instructions and getting updates on-site.

Plus, you can use I-Cost to track the impact of design and build changes on your budget and timeline, to quickly overcome setbacks and stop costs from spiralling.

Digital project management tools

Convert quotes quickly by giving your clients a complete view of project costs.
  • Break down tasks and costs line-by-line
  • Use similar previous projects as a quick quote template
  • Automatically recalculate costs whenever you change details
  • Custom-set profit margins and labour rates
  • Get accurate material prices through I-Cost’s supplier manager
  • Turn successful quotes into bill of quantities (BOQ) and delivery
           schedules to share with your project team
Project manager
Reduce errors, overruns and overspend by tracking your progress daily
  • Build Gantt Charts to manage your projects in real-time
  • Use similar previous projects as a quick quote template
  • Share instructions and updates online
  • Give every team member their own login to check schedules
           and report on progress
  • Track the impact of design and delivery changes on your budget
           and profit margin
  • Create a secure digital record of every task to avoid end-of-project
Supplier manager
Get the right materials delivered on-time, in-budget, stress-free
  • Create a ‘digital black book’ of all the suppliers you use
  • Search for suppliers based on the materials or services you need
  • Request quotes from multiple companies in one click
  • Compare prices and lead times side-by-side
  • Add delivery dates to your schedule, so your team knows when
            materials will arrive
  • Find alternative suppliers if you’re let down
  • Keep a clear, tamper-proof record of every order
Make every minute count by keeping a close eye on how project hours are being spent
  • Give staff their own login to upload daily timesheets
  • Get valuable on-site updates to understand obstacles and
           setbacks including photo evidence
  • Monitor how much time is spent on design changes
  • Use timesheet data to make planning and material decisions
  • Compare hours worked against your BOQ to keep project costs
Measure success to make sure every job meets customer satisfaction and profit goals
  • View project progress in real-time via I-Cost’s customisable
  • Track key metrics such as total spend, estimated vs actual costs
           and how many people work on each project
  • Visualise critical information as charts and graphs
  • Create a ‘suppliers league’ to monitor how often you’re using
  • Export and share reports with colleagues, contractors and clients
Streamline and Enlarge Built environment Decarbonissation Strategies
  • Automate Emissions Tracking: Simplify Scope 1, 2, and 3        emissions measurement for real estate and construction with our        specialized, industry-leading platform.
  • Reduce Carbon in Design: Use our platform to access extensive        data for designing buildings with lower embodied carbon,        enhancing sustainability
  • Assess Investment Risks: Evaluate climate risks and financed        emissions efficiently in your portfolio with tailored analyses across        various parameters.
  • Achieve Net-Zero Faster: Leverage AI to streamline your        decarbonization strategy, informed by our platform's cost and        complexity estimates.

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