Turn your creative concepts into successfully-run construction projects

As an architect, you have a clear vision for every project. But all too often, that vision gets lost along the way
through miscommunications and moving goalposts.

I-Cost architecture management software turns original ideas into amazing builds, without compromising on your design integrity or profit margin.

By running your architectural projects online through I-Cost, you can quickly secure client buy-in, manage their expectations stage-by-stage, and easily communicate updates and design changes with construction teams and suppliers.

What can your business do with I-Cost architect software?
  • Turn creative ideas and concepts into detailed designs and project workflows
  • Create client-ready schedules and costings
  • Share accurate drawings and instructions with suppliers, contractors and construction companies
  • Automatically adjust project plans and timelines when you or your clients make design changes
  • Measure the impact of changes on client budgets and your profit margin
  • Low Carbon Design: Opt for materials with lower environmental impacts to reduce your project's carbon footprint and promote sustainable construction practices.
  • Efficient Delivery: Streamline your construction processes to minimize waste and emissions, ensuring a more efficient and eco-friendlier project lifecycle.
  • Resource Minimization: Implement strategies to cut down on energy, water, and material usage, leading to more sustainable buildings and lower operational costs.

Full system access for one monthly subscription

I-Cost is the ideal project management software for architects and engineers working together. For one straightforward monthly subscription, you’ll get access to our key modules – which your collaborators can also use to view documents and provide feedback.


Give clients a line-by-line breakdown of design costs.

Project Manager

Share plans and updates with builders and suppliers.


Track your time online for complete accountability.

Supplier Manager

Compare availability and lead times to source the exact materials you need.


Analyse progress in real-time to deliver your vision on-time,


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