How many times has a ‘simple’job gone pear-shaped?
How many extra hours have you spent trying to keep projects on schedule?
How frustrating it is to see change requests have been missed ?
How often do you have to compromise on quality to meet deadlines and budgets?
How does sustainability factor into your project planning and execution?
How are you ensuring compliance and sustainability reporting is integrated into every project?

With I-Cost’s online design & construction software you can manage projects in one place, in real-time.

Designed for construction industry demands

Unlike general project management software,
I-Cost has been built specifically for the
construction sector.

It’s an ideal project management tool for architects, builders, consultants, contractors/subcontractors, engineers, estimators, project developers and quantity surveyors.

Every I-Cost user gets their own login, so they can update their progress and provide feedback in real-time.

And you control what information team members are able to view, share and edit during each project.

Manage all your design and construction projects online for one single, monthly subscription

It’s simple: one cost covers everything. From access to every module on the I-Cost platform, to online training and customer support.