Better project management leads to bigger profits

As a real estate developer, cash flow is king. And mistakes and miscommunications can have an expensive impact on
the progress and profitability of your projects.

I-Cost commercial real estate software is your ultimate planning and management tool – to help you control project financing and
protect your profit margins. It can cut your project management costs by up to 20%!.

With I-Cost, you can communicate with all your partners, on-site teams and suppliers in one place. Gathering real-time
feedback to make sure developments move forward on-time and in-budget.

What can your business do with real estate development software?
  • Get a real-time snapshot of how each real estate development project is progressing
  • Create clear, consistent lines of communication with all your project partners
  • Work as a team to manage spend, keep to schedules and ensure build quality
  • Track costs against total budget to maximise profit margin
  • Track client and supplier payments in real-time to manage cash flow
  • Give contractors their own login so they can take responsibility for tracking progress and providing feedback
  • Record changes made during the course of development to meet client demands and avoid end of project disputes
  • Conduct efficient assessments of climate risks and financed emissions in your portfolio through customised analysis across diverse factors.
  • Accelerate Your Journey to Net-Zero: Utilise AI to enhance your decarbonisation plans, guided by our platform's detailed estimates of costs and complexities.

Full system access for one monthly subscription

Construction project management software benefits everyone involved in property development. By allowing your whole team – from architects and engineers to contractors and suppliers – to communicate through a single, web-based platform.

With I-Cost, this platform is available for one monthly subscription, making it simple to streamline project management and increase profit margin.


Create a line-by-line breakdown of project costs.

Project Manager

Share plans and changes with contractors and subcontractors.


Track every stakeholder’s time for total cost control.

Supplier Manager

Compare material costs and lead times to keep projects progressing profitably.


Measure progress in real-time to manage cash flow and maximise margins.


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